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Why study with a native teacher?

There are key points to be observed when choosing a teacher to learn a new language. Experience, tranquility, patience and didactic teaching in class must be taken into account. These factors make the student feel confident in the choice of teacher that will guide their learning.

If you have a native teacher it will be even better, as there are many points related to culture, pronunciation among others, that only a native teacher can easily explain. In addition, they have a greater control over the use of language and the use of their personal skills to communicate effectively.

Our teachers


Types of Courses

These are the course types we offer.

  • English for Business
    • Comprehensive course based on real situations in the workplace.
    • Vocabulary and technical phrases.
    • Verbal and written communication in a variety of formal situations.

    Increase your confidence to face situations that demand English in your work day. Learn to start that conference call or write those emails in English with ease. We will offer you a very flexible course that puts you in a variety of typical situations such as: meetings, presentations, phone calls etc ... You will learn vocabulary and terms related to the structure of typical organizations, and more about etiquette and ways of doing business in different countries.

    Recommended material: Market Leader Business English (Pearson Education Ltd).

    Practicar inglés para negocios
  • English for Conversation
    • Improve your ability to speak and listen as you increase your vocabulary.
    • Learn the language with the approach you want, whether traditional, modern or colloquial.
    • Practice correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.

    If your goal is simply to have more practice conversing in English, as it would be in everyday situations with native speakers, this is the course for you. By tackling different topics of conversation, the teacher will ensure that your vocabulary and ability to express yourself significantly expand. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to learn expressions and colloquial phrases that are not found in the traditional English books, a knowledge that our teachers bring from their country of origin. Whether you want to know more about the accents of the UK or the language that is used today in Australia, we will provide you with a teaching method that meets your goal.

    Recommended material: dictated by teacher.

    Cursos para aprender inglés para conversación
  • Preparation for Cambridge IELTS or TOEFL
    • Get well prepared and increase your confidence to obtain the best possible score in the IELTS Cambridge or TOEFL by practicing real tests.
    • Identify your weaknesses and learn strategies to overcome them.

    Whether you wish to present IELTS or TOEFL to ensure entry into a university course or a job in a foreign country, this course was designed to practice everything you need to get the best result. The dynamics is based on practicing with actual tests until you are sure to pass the exam. The teacher will help you identify the areas where you need help, either: reading, writing, listening or speaking. They will also provide strategies and advice that will allow you to excel in the process.

    Recommended material: Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS (Cambridge University Press); Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test (Cambridge University Press).

    Preparación para IELTS y TOEFL
  • English for Marketing
    • Are you the perfect candidate for a position or job promotion but do you need English?
    • Do you want to add value to your resume?
    • Do you want to expand your business to international markets?

    Do not let a language leave you out of the game, a good knowledge of English and the terms used in the area are key to running successful campaigns with international clients. The environment in the area of ​​marketing and advertising is very competitive and you need to be well prepared if you want to excel in it.

    Invest in your future with us! Our course will provide you with the necessary weapons to fulfill your goals and you are proud of your performance, we have native teachers with academic background and experience in the area of ​​marketing and advertising.

    Recommended material: Market Leader ESP Book - Marketing (Pearson Education Ltd).

    Inglés para mercadeo
  • English for Tourism
    • Do you travel abroad and do not feel prepared ?
    • Do you work with tourism ?
    • English focused on the tourism industry.
    • Professionals in the area of ​​tourism and travelers are welcome.

    Travelers. Addressing common themes in the area of ​​tourism, and taking into account the country where you go and the reason for your visit, we will replicate the situations in which you may find yourself through activities and exercises. We will help you to prepare not only for formal situations such as a business trip, but also in interactions of everyday life, for example with a vendor in a shopping center, restaurants or sightseeing tours. After studying this course, you will feel more confident during your trip.

    Professionals in the area of ​​tourism. If you work in the area of ​​tourism, whether in a hotel, restaurant or a tour company, we will offer you a course perfectly designed for your needs. We will practice English with whatever approach is necessary to achieve your goals. You will also have the support of the book English for International Tourism, which reviews the best known tourist destinations in the world and the way in which you work with the tourist. At the end of this course you will have the confidence and the vocabulary to be better prepared.

    Recommended material: English for International Tourism (Pearson Education Ltd).

    Inglés para viajar
  • English via Skype
    • Do you want to learn English from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room?
    • Do you want to learn English but do not have time to go to school or travel a lot?

    Take advantage of the benefits of technology and no longer make excuses for not learning English. Online classes have become very popular recently because of the advantages they offer. Teachers use a variety of exercises and activities aimed at the goal of each student. Like classroom classes, we also work on grammar, reading and comprehension, conversation and writing.

    What are the benefits of taking classes via Skype?

    • Save time and money by not having to move to a school.
    • Take your classes from the comfort of your computer, Tablet or Smartphone.
    • Flexibility of schedules: make your classes outside working hours, weekends and even on holidays.
    • Facilitate conversations with native teachers from different parts of the world and learn about accents, jargon and other cultures.
    • Practice your business conversations and conference calls.

    Recommended material: dictated by the teacher.

    Cursos de inglés virtuales
  • English for Kids and Teens

    Humans begin to learn from birth. During the first years of life the brain reaches its maximum maturation potential, and for this reason it must be used to stimulate it from a very early age. Learning a second or third language at an early age will promote the development of the child or adolescent, stimulating their motor, social and intellectual formation.

    Children. At Mi Profe Nativo we know how important it is to work with children, therefore our method was designed so that they learn, but also have fun. In this way you learn by playing, singing, listening to stories, using audiovisuals, coloring, sharing, following rules, among others.

    Teenagers. The English course for teenagers focuses on issues that are directly related to age and topics of interest. Learning English not only allows the adolescent to excel in academic studies, but also in everyday activities. For example, with the use of the internet, adolescents have access to endless information. This facilitates interaction with other cultures (music, movies, books). Here is the time when learning English can be key to assimilating such information.

    Recommended material: dictated by the professor.

    Clases de inglés para niños y adolescentes
  • Intensive courses

    This course was designed for people who want to improve their English in a fast and efficient manner. Whether your English is good but you feel out of practice, you are starting from scratch or you have years of studying without being able to dedicate fully.

    The intensive courses will expose you to real situations in which you can practice everything you learned with your teachers. This will help you gain the confidence to interact, converse and perform successfully in your personal and professional relationships.

    Entrepreneurs, executives, apprentices, students etc ... All are welcome to register. The course can be individual or in small groups. Group members are encouraged to have a similar level of English as a large difference in levels can affect the group's dynamics and learning.

    Recommended material: dictated by the teacher.

    Curso intensivo de inglés

Featured Courses

These are some of the most outstanding courses of our platform.

About Us

The MiProfeNativo website is an easy and convenient way to find a native English teacher.

  • Private Lessons with Native Teachers

    All our teachers are native speakers of English, with extensive experience instructing students of different cultures both in academic institutions and in private environments. We have specialized teachers in different areas according to the student's objective. Whether your goal is to improve your conversation, study for a university exam, study English for business, expand your vocabulary, prepare for a trip, etc ... In any situation our teachers will formulate the perfect course for your needs.

  • How does it work?

    Our service provides an easy and convenient way to organize your English classes. Simply find your teacher by clicking on Teachersor send us an email describing your needs and goals. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the best service according to your request. We offer group classes (up to 8 students), as well as personalized classes for couples or individuals. The prices will be agreed with each teacher according to the number of students and hours chosen.p>

  • Where do we operate?

    As all our teachers are autonomous, you can program your classes in the place where you want. We work mainly in the areas of Laureles, Belén, Suramericana and Poblado. However, any area of ​​Medellín may be possible depending on the availability of the teacher; contact a teacher directly or use our contact form to enquire about the possibility of having classes in your area.

  • About MiProfeNativo

    The web portal Mi Profe Nativo is not responsible for the quality of the services provided, neither for agreements nor payments between students and teachers. This site is simply a means for students to contact native teachers.

    Even considering this, we only display quality teachers on the web portal. If you have any complaints about the quality of service received, [or know that the teacher is engaged in any illegal activity such as tax evasion or work without a work or residence visa], please let us know by email [reclamos@miprofenativo.com.co]

Why use Mi Profe Nativo?

We offer a variety of features:

Tailor-made classes

Learn from the best teachers

Use of post-class tools

Didactic material related to your interests

Be part of our Facebook community

Invitation to events



Soon the teachers of MiProfeNativo will provide you with details of events designed specially to practice your English with other students in our community. Join our Facebook page where you will be able to see all the information in addition to other social content.


Resources for students

If you want to learn a foreign language more than just attend a class - if you want it to be an experience, you have come to the right place. My native teacher is made up of certified language teachers who have lived in different countries, who understand the process of learning a foreign language and culture, traveling, and adapting to life in other parts of the world.

Our teachers will always encourage continuous practice outside of class time, recommending a variety of learning resources that will greatly aid self-paced learning. To see examples of some of our recommended materials and content at a glance:

  • Reading

    News In Levels - A great source of news articles for English learners. Test your vocabulary and comprehension by reading articles divided into 3 levels of difficulty and practice your listening by observing the original story on YouTube.

  • Grammar

    Here are some of our favorite websites for explanations and practice:

  • Music

    Lyrics Training - An excellent resource to test your listening skills with music and improve your understanding of famous songs in more than ten languages!

  • Pronunciation

    Here are some of our favorite websites for explanations and practice:

  • Writing

    ESL Page - Conjunctions + Connectors Article - A good source for improving your writing skills.

  • Vocabulary-Expressions
  • Is there more?

    Of course! Through the Mi Profe Nativo Facebook page and youtube channel, you will have access to regular textual and audiovisual content published by our teachers. In addition, our Facebook page will provide the perfect platform for communicating with other students, sharing questions on particular subjects and topics, and encouraging mutual learning.

    In addition, posts on our blog will be visible through both the website and Facebook, with more detailed reading material citing articles of expertise in language learning.

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to visit or send a message at any time.